AIO Reports is a superset of AIO Timesheets. AIO Reports has all the features of AIO Timesheets, plus ad-hoc report creation capabilities.


AIO Timesheets provides an easy to use Time Entry interface and a powerful Time Reporting interface.

In addition to the Time Entry and Time Reporting interface that are available with AIO Timesheets, AIO Reports also provides a Report Designer interface, which allows you to create powerful ad-hoc reports in multiple formats such as List, Matrix, Hierarchy, Bar, Pie, Line and Trend. 

Using the Report Designer interface, you can create different types of reports such as project management reports, agile reports (epic or sprint status), trend analysis reports, performance analysis reports, hierarchical reports etc.

Feature comparison between AIO Reports and AIO Timesheets
FeatureAIO ReportsAIO Timesheets
Time Management
Time Tracking Reports
Time Entry Interface
Custom Worklog Attributes
Timesheet Approval
Saved Reports
Personal Teams
Export to Excel
Report Subscription
Access Controls
Report and Team Sharing
Report Publishing
Dashboard Gadgets
Tempo Timesheets Integration
Advanced Reporting
Ad Hoc Report Creation
List Reports
Matrix Reports
Hierarchy Reports
Charts (Bar, Line, Pie)
Service Desk Reporting
History Reporting
Trend Reporting

The highlighted dropdown in the screenshot below is only available with AIO Reports:

AIO Timesheets interface is displayed below: