AIO Reports and Timesheets for Jira can be installed from Atlassian Marketplace via the links listed below

After installation, a new AIO Reports menu will be added to the Jira menu bar as shown below

CloudOn Premise/Server/Hosted

Selecting the “Custom Report” option opens the report designer interface. Related article: What is the difference between AIO Reports and AIO Timesheets?

  • More details around different types of reports, can be found here:
  • The top navigation bar lets you move between different areas of the application: 
    • My Area - Manage your reports, teams, calculated fields, preferences, timesheet approvals
    • AIO Time Entry - Single place to enter time against all your issues
    • AIO Admin - Application level settings and preferences
    • Help - Access Sample reports and Help articles
  • JQL query to limit the number of issues to be fetched and processed by the page can be set via "Issues search" filter. JQL can be 1. typed directly, 2. pulled from existing Jira favourite filters or 3. created using our Custom filter widget
  • After adding all the fields and filters, clicking run would display the page results in the bottom right pane
  • Actions will now be available on the Page results pane: export, publish, save, view data behind the report 

Field level filters and other settings can be set via field settings dialog box, accessible via the cog icon on the field name:

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