All-In-One Reports for Jira lets you create meaningful reports with your JIRA data. All-In-One Reports for Jira can be installed from Atlassian Marketplace  

After installation, a new AIO Reports menu will be added to the left menu bar as shown below


On selecting the add-on, you can find multiple options to get started as shown below

Selecting the “New Report” option opens the application with the window below

  • The top navigation bar lets you move between different areas of the application: 
    • My Area - view saved reports, teams, preferences and collaboration options
    • AIO Time Entry - single place to enter time against all your issues
    • AIO Admin - application level settings and preferences
    • AIO Help - access Sample reports and Help articles
  • The secondary navigation bar lets you select the type of report you would like to create – List, Matrix, Bar, Pie, Line, Hierarchy or a Trend report
  • The left pane displays all the measures and dimensions available to be added to the report by clicking the “+” sign next to it
    • Non-numeric and date fields are referred to as Dimensions and are represented by Green color in the pane
    • Numeric fields are referred to as Measures and are represented by Red color in the pane
  • The right pane is the report designer area where the selected fields are displayed
  • You can specify report’s filter criteria using JQL, existing JIRA filters or creating a custom filter
  • After adding all the fields and filters, you can run the report to see a preview in the bottom right pane
  • You can save the report, export the results or publish the report for stakeholders from the same pane