A Time Tracking report provides a flexible and quick way of reporting the time logged by individual users in Jira. The logged time can be aggregated on any set of fields as per the business requirements.

Default Time Tracking report screen is displayed below: (More examples can be found in the App under Help > Sample Reports)

Configuration options:

  • Fields: List of fields to be used for aggregation of time tracking data
  • Date Range: Period for which the time needs to be reported. Data can be aggregated on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Totals only basis
  • Time Unit: Display time in Minutes, Hours or Days
  • Users and AIO Teams Filter: Users for which the time needs to be included in the report. If this field is left blank, all the users who have logged time in Jira, will be included in the report
    • If teams have been created under My Area -> My Teams, a team's name can be specified instead of adding individual users
    • The 'Add Logged In User' option will show time only for the user running the report. This option can be useful when sharing with multiple users to show their time only
  • Projects: Select the project for which time needs to be reported
  • Issue Types: Select particular issue types for which time needs to be reported. For example, if a report is required to see time spent in fixing bugs, select Bug as the issue type
  • Include users with zero time: This option is enabled if there are users/teams added to the "Users and AIO Teams filter". By default only users who have time logged for the selected date range are displayed in the report. If this option is checked, then the users who have not logged any time for the selected date range, but are part of the "Users/Teams" filter, will also show up in the report

Sample time tracking configurations and results are included below:

Year to date time, segmented by Project, Team and User, aggregated on Monthly basis

Time logged against each Epic in the last month

Time logged against Sprints in the last month

More examples can be found in the App under Help > Sample Reports.

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