Installation: The add-on can be installed from the links listed below



Application link setup:

After the installation, navigate to AIO Power BI > My Connector URLs. Instructions to setup an application link will appear on the screen. Follow the instructions to setup the application link. This is a one time step only. 


OAuth approval:

After creating the application link, go back to AIO Power BI > My Connector URLs. A box will appear with the link for OAuth approval. Click on the link and click "Allow" on the subsequent screen.

Connector URL creation:

After OAuth approval is done, proceed with the creation of connector URL.

1. Provide a name and description (optional)

2. Specify a JQL to filter the issues to be fetched by the connector

3. Select the fields to be pulled by the connector

4. Click Save and Close

5. Multiple connectors  can be created using the steps listed above

Import data into Power BI:

1. Copy the connector URL created above

2. Launch Power BI Desktop

3. Click Get Data > OData feed

4. Paste the URL copied in step #1 and click Ok

5. Select the tables and click load

 6. Data will be loaded into Power BI

For more information please refer to the video below. In case of any questions, contact AIO Support